Pen Slump

I was going to translate one of the Japanese articles with Ishimaru Shigeru for my next post when I just got lazy and decided to shelf it. Not even sure if it’s okay to repost a printed article.

In recent days my passion for fountain pens waned. It seems that every year there’s always a period of time when I’m caught up with other stuff like work and I somehow lose the time and the attention for my fountain pen hobby and now is such a time again. I just came back from a long overseas trip and some of my pens are in my pen drawer still inked from before I went on the trip. I bet most of the ink have dried up by now too. I really need to get to cleaning those pens.

The biggest pen news in the last one month has to be the release of the Kaweco Parkeo. I am tempted to pick one up but could never muster the enthusiasm to actually order one. And the unfortunate thing with the pen is that it only comes with fine and medium, and not the broad or double broad Kaweco pens that I love on my Sports. I get that because it is a low cost pen Kaweco has to maximize profits by reducing the number of SKUs they have for the four colors, it is disappointing still. Maybe I will just not buy one until I have a chance to buy one along with another bigger purchase.

In somewhat bigger news, Pilot is going to release some updates to the Kakuno line in August. They will add a EF (meh!) option to the existing fine and medium, as well as a demonstrator model (OMG!). Cannot wait for the demonstrator model to be released. Like others these days I am a sucker for demonstrators. Coupled with a CON–70 I bet the demostrator Kakuno will look damn good. And since it is so cheap, I will probably buy a few of them just for fun.

Oh and a week or so ago I received a nice present from a good friend – Usagiya’s No.008 Kinojyo no Akaoni. Might review it here someday.

The Curious Case of the Pilot Metropolitan MR Misnaming

This particular pen, has been known as the Pilot Metropolitan in the western world and the Cocoon (the Cocoon actually have a different selection of colors and designs as compared to the MR) in Japan ever since I started my love for fountain pens.

However, its real name is the Pilot MR, and MR stands for Middle Ring, as the pens all have an interesting “middle ring” design. Somehow, somewhere, someone has been spreading wrong information about the actual name of this fountain pen.

Pilot USA’s website clear states that the the Pilot MR Metropolitan Series is the original three pens, and the later pens like the Pilot MR Animal Series includes the five pens with animal-skin styled middle rings, and the latest Pilot MR Retro Pop include five pens with retro-styling colors and prints for the middle rings.

Neither the MR Animal or the MR Retro Pop is a “Pilot Metropolitan”.

While the western world is now hooked on calling the MR a “Metropolitan”, is it a really good thing to continue passing the wrong information on?