About Ryu and his fountain pens

My very first fountain pen was a ridiculously cheap Hero 336.

Back when I was really young and into manga, I wanted to start drawing manga on a regularly basis.

After being wrongly told by my parents that a fountain pen is the same as a G-pen (the only book I was using to learn to draw manga was Toriyama Akira’s Hettapi Manga Kenkyujo and it didn’t provide enough information about G-pens), I headed into a neighbourhood chinese stationary shop and asked for a fountain pen and a bottle of ink. Was then recommended the 5 dollar Hero 336 and the Pilot Black. The Hero 336 wrote (and drew) really terribly, often getting caught in fibres as I drew across cheap copy paper. It didn’t help that whatever ink that Pilot Black was, it wasn’t very “Black”.

That Hero 336 didnt last long.

Fast forward to 2014, when I was vacationing in Munich, I came across a small bookshop in the city center, went in, and found that the Neon Coral Safari was just introduced. Being a sucker for neon colours and Pink, I bought one immediately, rationalizing my purchase as a “money-saving” move, for a similar pen would cost two times the price in Singapore.

Then in 2015, I bought two Ohtos when I was vacationing in Japan. When I was trying to learn how to refill the Ohtos, I came across Youtube video after video of fountain pen related information. Then I bought some more Safaris. Then my first Pilot MR (Middle Ring, wrongly named by many as the Metropolitan which was actually the name of the first series of the MR). Then my first Kaweco Sport. And then it was too late to turn back.

And I don’t even want to talk about my ink collection.

Everything else you need to know about me can be found at MacRyu.com.