Panasonic LX-5 Announced, Finally.

After exactly two years of waiting, the LX-5 is finally announced.

dpreview posted a sample gallery of images taken with the LX-5 here and hopefully they will have their review/preview up soon.

There’s a LX3 vs LX5 image comparison here.

And for some particular idiots on a certain well-known forum, 43rumors sheds some light on the new sensor in the LX5.

Oh man I so want the white one!!!!!

Really? Another Supra?

Akio Toyoda would love to do a new Supra, probably won’t happen

Shows out of control the Toyota CEO is of his own freaking company. Sad crap.

How many of those cars that “won’t go in any direction unless it’s straight ahead” do they want to make ?

And now imagine one of those accelerate without your control.

Perfect recipe for high profile automative accidents.

Now where the heck’s that FT-86? Subaru makes a much much better sports engine than any idiot in Toyota and you know it. Oh and make it much cheaper while you’re at it k?

Why Mad Ryu?

Why? Cause firstly, it’s a place where I don’t have to be MacRyu, so I can write about everything else that’s not Apple, just like some other blogs.

I’ve always wanted to write reviews on gadgets like some gadget blogs, but never really started anything since I’m never that committed to blogging right from the early days. And if there’s one thing I hate about most gadget blogs, it’s that they are really nothing but Engadget-wannabes. If all you do is emulate what Engadget does, why the fuck do I want to read them when I can just read Engadget?

People have always thought of me as a geek/nerd/techie simply because I have an uncanny ability to research heavily into things I am interested in such as hardware, software, cameras, basically anything you see me tweet about.

But I’m really not that different from most consumers. The same consumer who gets irritated by confusing UIs, the same consumer who don’t really care about specs and all the nonsense you can do on an Android (detect metal? So what? Do you think I’m going to dig for gold with it?) but more about its nonsensical battery life and poor choice of UI fonts.

What I am going to do with Mad Ryu will be to try and write anything I come across, as consumer-like as I can, even if that includes passing the whatever gadget to my elderly relatives or non-techie friends for comments. And of course just general complaints about life and everything else I see on a daily basis(even though I already have somewhere dedicated to that already), since this isn’t going to be a gadget blog.

Until the next post, gawd knows when that will be.