I Don’t Understand EF Nibs

Sometimes I wonder why people like EF/F nibs. I understand if you need to write kanji characters on a regular basis and will have to have at least a few of those lying around. But most, if not all western script is better off written with a wider nib, like B.

I always start off a new pen purchase by checking firstly, how much more will the stub option cost, and if it is out of my budget, if they have a B or even C option. No Bs usually mean I give up buying the pen outright unless the M writes a fairly thick line.

Having been an social science student for most of my student life, it was usual for me to write four to six essays for every examination. Even during then, I noticed that there is always a contingent of students who will write really neatly and small, despite the stress of the exams and the lack of time.

I was the complete opposite of that contingent of students.

My favorite exam pen was the Pilot G2 in blue, in 0.7mm. I could never write as fast with the 0.5mm. Armed with two G2s I would churn out 5 to 6 pieces of foolscap every thirty minutes.

And while it might be a coincidence, the contingent of students with small and cramped handwriting never seemed to get better scores than those of us who wrote expressively.