The Curious Case of the Pilot Metropolitan MR Misnaming

This particular pen, has been known as the Pilot Metropolitan in the western world and the Cocoon (the Cocoon actually have a different selection of colors and designs as compared to the MR) in Japan ever since I started my love for fountain pens.

However, its real name is the Pilot MR, and MR stands for Middle Ring, as the pens all have an interesting “middle ring” design. Somehow, somewhere, someone has been spreading wrong information about the actual name of this fountain pen.

Pilot USA’s website clear states that the the Pilot MR Metropolitan Series is the original three pens, and the later pens like the Pilot MR Animal Series includes the five pens with animal-skin styled middle rings, and the latest Pilot MR Retro Pop include five pens with retro-styling colors and prints for the middle rings.

Neither the MR Animal or the MR Retro Pop is a “Pilot Metropolitan”.

While the western world is now hooked on calling the MR a “Metropolitan”, is it a really good thing to continue passing the wrong information on?